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zMed Healthcare Technologies

Data Driven Criticalcare

zMed Healthcare Technologies

Data Driven Critical Care

Critical Care Automation for Hospitals

Data Driven and Intelligent 

  • Exceptional ICU and Anesthesia Charting

  • Clinical Workflow Automation for all Critical Care Units

  • Automatic Data Capture from Medical Devices, network and IoT driven


  • Predictive Intelligence, Clinical Scores, Reports and Alerts


  • Comprehensive Data Integration - Lab, Radiology, HIS - Data Security and Privacy

  • Enterprise Grade

  • Quick, Easy, Scalable deployments

  • Achieve better clinical and economic outcomes at scale

We have touched the lives of 150,000+ Critical Care patients

With multiple hospitals as customers across the globe, zMed has crossed serving more than 150,000 critical care patients . Our physician centric approach in patient care, and practical application of our critical care solution, helps us to serve hospitals of various types across geogrophies.

One Solution for all Units in your Hospital with multiple data driven features and clinical care continuity




Empower ICUs with zMed's cutting-edge automation, optimizing patient care through real-time data integration and enhancing clinical decision-making.


Tele ICU

Bridge geographic barriers in ICU care with zMed's Tele ICU system, connecting patients with remote specialists and integrating real-time data for informed care.


Operating Room

Streamline anesthesia charting in operating rooms with zMed's advanced solution, ensuring precise record-keeping and enhancing patient safety.


Smart Connected Ambulance

Elevate pre-hospital care and journey with zMed's connected ambulance, seamlessly transmitting real-time patient data to hospitals and enhancing on-board medical interventions.



Revolutionize emergency room efficiency with zMed's workflow automation, rapidly integrating patient data, and expediting care delivery.


Step-down ICUs and Wards

Optimize transitional care with zMed's tailored solution for step-down ICUs and wards, integrating patient data, and facilitating timely interventions.

Comprehensive Clinical Features with Data
Driven Decision Making Anytime. Anywhere Clinical Decisions


Device data integration

Seamlessly connect with a range of medical devices. Ensures compatibility irrespective of manufacturer origin. Supports direct integration of medical devices including patient monitors, ventilators, and syringe pumps. Simplifies device management and enhances patient care. Manufacturer-agnostic approach offers unparalleled versatility.


Standards and compliance

Steadfast commitment to leading global medical standards.Adherence to protocols like HL7, FHIR, ICD10, and more.Ensures interoperability and secure data handling.Aligns with LOINC, SNOMED CT, and HIPAA regulations. Promotes standardized, compliant healthcare practices.


Clinical Scores

Effortlessly compute a myriad of clinical scores.
Features an adaptable format for customized score calculations. Ensures accurate, real-time clinical assessments. Automates complex scoring, saving clinician time. Empowers healthcare providers with critical data at their fingertips.


Alert Management System

State-of-the-art alert system for proactive patient care.
Features diverse profiles, condition-based triggers, and mobile notifications. Adaptive condition engine to customize alert criteria.
Ensures timely intervention and patient safety. Enhances care responsiveness and reduces risk.


Reports and Clinical Analytics

Advanced reporting tools and clinical analytics, facilitates informed decision-making based on accurate data insights. Supports continuous quality improvement and performance tracking. Ensures clarity in clinical and administrative operations. Empowers healthcare institutions with actionable insights.


Lab and Radiology

Comprehensive integration with PACS and a proprietary DICOM Viewer.Streamlines lab communication through the robust HL7 protocol. Ensures timely access to lab results and radiology images.Enhances diagnostic accuracy and treatment planning. Facilitates rapid, secure sharing of vital medical data.



zMed's own Inbuilt EMR system covering essential clinical processes.Features flowsheets, intelligent forms, CPOE, and fluid balance tools.Enhances clinical workflow efficiency and data accuracy.Provides API and JSON outputs for broader system integration. Fosters a seamless healthcare environment, reducing manual errors.


Clinical QA

Specialized tools designed to uphold clinical quality assurance.Incorporates detailed flowsheets and tailored forms.Enables efficient monitoring and adherence to clinical guidelines.Supports continuous improvement in patient care quality. Streamlines the QA process, ensuring consistent care delivery.


zMed's multiple deployment models support Critical Care Automation of Hospitals of various sizes, and also physician groups to setup virtual hospitals and command centers

Our Service


zMed Cloud

Ideal for hospitals with 5-100 Critical Care beds across ICU, OR, and Emergency. Access via zMed's SaaS platform with a single cBox for device connectivity. Transparent pay-as-you-use pricing calculated per patient-day.



For large corporate hospitals exceeding 100 Critical Care beds. Seamless integration with existing Hospital Information Systems via HL7. Customization. Integrate multiple locations. Option for on-premise or managed cloud setup. Licensed per bed with an annual maintenance contract.


Tele ICU and Command Center

Designed for physician groups and large hospitals targeting multi-center collaborations. Accessible through zMed Cloud. IP Camera, device integration, and AV communication. zMed setsup Command Center. Revenue-sharing, franchise-based model.




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This is a paragraph where you can include any information you’d like. It’s an opportunity to tell a story about the company, describe a special service it offers, or highlight a particular feature that sets it apart from competitors. Make sure it fits the general tone and voice of the brand, then adjust the font, size or scale to customize the style.


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zMed Office

About Us

zMed Healthcare Technologies is a deep tech company providing comprehensive software solutions designed to address the multifaceted demands of today's dynamic healthcare environment. Researched, Designed, and Productized in our Chennai and Bengaluru offices in India, our software solutions are crafted with a global vision, focusing on critical care settings worldwide.

We serve major hospitals in India and across the globe.
In a rapidly evolving medical landscape, the importance of timely and accurate data can't be overstated. Delays or inaccuracies in patient information can lead to suboptimal patient outcomes. With increasing patient loads and the complexities of modern medicine, healthcare professionals require advanced tools to ensure they can offer the best care possible. Our software solutions address this gap, ensuring that critical information is available, organized, and actionable, facilitating enhanced patient care and optimized operational workflows.
At zMed, we believe in the transformative power of technology to redefine healthcare paradigms. We're not just creating software; we're building a brighter, more connected future for patient care on a global scale.

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