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zMed Healthcare Technologies

Data Driven Criticalcare

zMed Healthcare Technologies

Data Driven Critical Care


Step-down ICUs and Wards

Step-Down ICUs and Wards: Integrating Wearables and Devices for Enhanced Patient Care

zMed's application extends its capabilities beyond traditional ICU settings, offering comprehensive support for step-down ICUs, wards, and even home ICU setups. By integrating a wide range of medical devices and wearables, zMed ensures continuous, high-quality patient monitoring and care in various healthcare environments.

Seamless Integration with Diverse Devices:

  • Wearable Technology: zMed is compatible with third-party FDA-approved wearables, including ECG patches, SPO2 monitors, and temperature sensors, providing continuous monitoring of vital signs.

  • Bedside Monitors: The system supports three and five-parameter bedside monitors from leading manufacturers like GE, Mindray, BPL, and Comen, ensuring reliable and accurate patient data.

  • Innovative Monitoring Solutions: Integration with under-bed Ballistocardiography (BCG) sensors for sleep monitoring and heart rate monitoring, offering a non-intrusive yet effective way to track patient health.

Support for Various Devices:

  1. 3 Para and 5 Para Monitors: Compatible with devices from multiple manufacturers, these monitors provide comprehensive vital sign monitoring.

  2. CPAP and BIPAP Machines: Supports integration with any brand, ensuring patients with respiratory issues receive continuous care.

  3. BLE Pulse Oximeters: Bluetooth-enabled pulse oximeters from any brand can be seamlessly integrated for real-time oxygen saturation monitoring.

  4. Wearable ECG, SPO2, BP, Temp: Devices like those from Vivalink offer wearable solutions for constant monitoring of essential health parameters.

  5. Sleep Monitoring Solutions: Utilizes under-bed BCG sensors from J-Style and multiple other brands for non-intrusive sleep and heart rate monitoring.

Advantages of zMed in Step-Down ICUs and Wards:

  • Enhanced Patient Monitoring: Continuous and real-time monitoring of patients' vitals, even in less acute settings like step-down ICUs and wards.

  • Flexible and Scalable: The ability to integrate with a wide range of devices makes zMed a flexible solution adaptable to different care settings.

  • Data-Driven Care: The integration of wearable and bedside monitoring devices enables data-driven decision-making, enhancing patient care and outcomes.

Procurement and Provision of Devices:

  • zMed not only supports the integration of these devices but can also assist in procuring and providing them as required, offering a comprehensive solution for healthcare facilities.

By leveraging the power of wearable technology and advanced monitoring devices, zMed's application in step-down ICUs, wards, and home ICU settings represents a significant advancement in patient care, ensuring that high-quality monitoring and treatment are continuous and consistent across the healthcare continuum.

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