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zMed Healthcare Technologies

Data Driven Criticalcare

zMed Healthcare Technologies

Data Driven Critical Care


Operating Room

Comprehensive Anesthesia Management and Surgical Workflow Integration

Transform the operating room experience with zMed's innovative solution, meticulously designed to encompass every phase of surgical care from pre-operation to post-operation. Our system integrates advanced anesthesia charting, device data, and holistic workflow management for unparalleled efficiency and patient care.

Key Features:

  • Pre-Op Patient Questionnaire: Streamline pre-operative assessments with our digital questionnaire, enabling efficient collection of patient history and relevant health information. This ensures a well-informed surgical plan tailored to each patient's needs.

  • Surgery Schedule Module: Organize and manage surgery schedules with ease. Our module allows for efficient planning, timely notifications, and adjustments, ensuring smooth operation room workflows.

  • Anesthesia Charting with Device Integration: Simplify anesthesia recording with real-time charting, integrated seamlessly with patient monitors and anesthesia machines for automated data capture and comprehensive patient monitoring.

  • Intra-Op Management: Our solution supports the entire intra-operative phase with tools for monitoring, documentation, and real-time decision support, enhancing the efficacy and safety of surgical procedures.

  • Post-Op Recovery Tracking: Facilitate post-operative care with tools designed to monitor patient recovery, track progress, and document all post-op interventions, contributing to improved patient outcomes.


  • Enhanced Surgical Preparedness: With comprehensive pre-op assessments, teams are better equipped for individual patient needs.

  • Operational Excellence: Our surgery schedule module and intra-op management tools ensure efficient use of OR resources, minimizing delays and optimizing patient flow.

  • Accurate and Timely Documentation: Automated and manual charting options ensure precise and quick documentation, from pre-op to post-op.

  • Improved Patient Outcomes: Continuous monitoring and detailed recovery tracking lead to better post-operative care and patient outcomes.

zMed's Operating Room solution is the epitome of innovation in surgical care, offering an integrated, patient-centric approach from start to finish.

In the critical phase of Intra-Op, zMed's Operating Room solution excels by providing real-time data integration from Patient Monitors and Anesthesia Machines. This integration is key to enhancing the safety and efficiency of surgical procedures.

Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips:

  • Our solution ensures that vital patient data from monitors and anesthesia machines is continuously and automatically captured. This real-time data flow allows surgical teams to stay informed of the patient’s condition at every moment of the operation.

  • By integrating this data directly into our system, we eliminate manual entry, reducing the risk of errors and freeing up clinicians to focus on the critical aspects of patient care.

Enhanced Patient Monitoring:

  • Continuous monitoring of vital signs, anesthesia depth, and other key parameters provides an uninterrupted view of the patient's status, enabling immediate response to any changes or potential complications.

  • This level of monitoring is essential for maintaining patient safety and ensuring the best possible outcomes.

In the high-stakes environment of Intra-Op, zMed's solution provides the assurance of accuracy, timeliness, and comprehensive patient monitoring, making it an indispensable tool in modern surgical care.



Intra-Op Excellence with Real-Time Data Integration

zMed Anesthesia Charting system is designed to revolutionize the way anesthesia is managed and documented in surgical environments. Our system is comprehensive, integrating various aspects of surgical procedures for optimal efficiency and safety.

Key Components:

  1. Case Templates: Customizable templates allow for streamlined preparation and documentation, ensuring that all necessary data for each type of surgery is readily accessible and systematically recorded.

  2. Medication and Drugs: The system offers detailed tracking and documentation of all medications and drugs administered during surgery. This includes dosages, timings, and responses, ensuring precise and accurate medication management.

  3. Vitals Monitoring: Real-time monitoring and recording of patient vitals are fundamental in our system. This continuous tracking includes heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and other crucial parameters, providing a comprehensive view of the patient's condition throughout the surgery.

  4. Dashboard and Analytics: The integrated dashboard provides a quick overview and detailed analytics of surgeries, offering insights into trends, outcomes, and performance metrics. This data is crucial for quality improvement and strategic planning.

  5. Intra-Op Events: The system meticulously logs all intra-operative events, including any deviations from the expected course. This information is vital for post-operative analysis and continuous quality improvement.

  6. Case Review and Graphs: Post-surgery, the system enables detailed case reviews, including graphical representations of the surgery timeline, vitals fluctuations, and medication administration. This feature is instrumental in debriefing and educational purposes.

  7. Documentation: Comprehensive documentation capabilities ensure that every aspect of the anesthesia process is accurately recorded. This includes pre-op assessments, intra-op events, and post-op recovery details.

  8. Report Generation and PDFs: Easy generation of detailed reports and exportable PDFs allows for efficient sharing and archiving of surgical records. This feature ensures that all relevant data from the surgery can be reviewed, shared with other healthcare professionals, and stored for future reference.


  • Enhanced Safety and Efficiency: By providing real-time data and comprehensive documentation, zMed Anesthesia Charting improves patient safety and enhances the efficiency of surgical workflows.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Access to detailed data and analytics supports informed clinical decisions and strategic improvements in surgical care.

  • Improved Communication and Review: The system facilitates better communication among surgical teams and provides tools for thorough post-operative reviews and learning.

zMed Anesthesia Charting is not just a tool but a vital part of modern surgical care, ensuring that every surgery is performed with the highest standards of safety, precision, and efficiency.


Anesthesia Charting: Comprehensive and Advanced Surgical Support



Streamlining Documentation and Ensuring Compliance

zMed Anesthesia Charting is a sophisticated tool designed to simplify the documentation process in surgical settings and ensure compliance with healthcare standards and regulations. Here's how it makes a significant impact:

1. Comprehensive Documentation:

  • Automated Data Capture: The system automatically records vital data from anesthesia machines and patient monitors, reducing the need for manual entry. This includes continuous recording of vitals, medication administration, and intra-op events.

  • User-Friendly Input Methods: For data that require manual entry, such as specific notes or observations, the system offers intuitive input methods. This ensures that all relevant information is captured efficiently and accurately.

  • Standardized Record Keeping: With customizable templates, the charting process follows a standardized approach, ensuring that all necessary information is documented systematically for every case.

2. Enhancing Compliance:

  • Adherence to Regulations: zMed Anesthesia Charting is designed in compliance with healthcare regulations and standards. By using this system, healthcare providers can ensure that their documentation practices meet the necessary legal and professional standards.

  • Audit Trails and Transparency: The system maintains a clear audit trail of all entries and changes. This transparency is crucial for internal audits, legal requirements, and maintaining high standards of care.

  • Quality Control and Improvement: The comprehensive data collected allows for ongoing quality control and improvement processes. It helps in identifying areas of improvement, tracking outcomes, and ensuring best practices in anesthesia management.

3. Facilitating Accurate Reporting:

  • Detailed Reports and PDF Generation: The system enables the generation of detailed reports and exportable PDFs, which can be used for internal records, compliance purposes, and sharing with other healthcare professionals.

  • Data-Driven Insights: The analytics feature provides valuable insights into anesthesia practices, outcomes, and patient safety, contributing to informed decision-making and continuous improvement.


  • Improved Patient Safety: Accurate and comprehensive documentation contributes to safer patient outcomes, ensuring that all aspects of anesthesia care are recorded and reviewed.

  • Efficiency in Documentation: Reduces the time spent on paperwork, allowing anesthesiologists and OR staff to focus more on patient care.

  • Compliance Assurance: Helps healthcare providers stay compliant with evolving healthcare regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

In summary, zMed Anesthesia Charting is not only a tool for simplifying the documentation process but also a comprehensive solution for maintaining high standards of compliance in the dynamic and demanding environment of the operating room.

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